Here at Vertical Drop Ski & Board, as a trusted snowboard store, we make it our goal to ensure that you have access to the high-quality snowboard equipment you need. From snowboarding clothes to your actual snowboard set, we carry everything you need to enjoy your favorite winter sport.

When you have the right gear, you want to ensure it is taken care of year round. During the hot summer months if you won’t be using your snowboard equipment, make sure you follow these quick tips for taking care of it to ensure it is ready to go for the next big snowfall and to prevent damages from occurring.

Clean It Thoroughly

The first thing you should do is make sure your snowboard and boots are clean. Remove any dirt, debris, or other grime before you store them for the summer. Giving your board and boots a quick wash down will ensure that they are not permanently stained when you pull them out next.

Have The Edges Fixed

If your snowboard’s edging is looking a little worse for the wear after a busy winter of carving up the mountainside, invest in repairs. Sharpening the edges and removing burrs can help prevent your board from rusting over the summer months.

Get It Waxed

Not only should you ensure the edges are in good condition before you store your board, make sure it is waxed as well. You can either wax it on your own if you are equipped to do so or you can take it into your local snowboard store for a professional waxing. While it might be tempting to just throw your board in storage the way it is, you will be grateful when the first snow falls that you took the time to prepare it for the next season.

Wrap It Up

Once you have your snowboard thoroughly cleaned and polished, it is time to wrap it up and store it. By wrapping the board up in plastic or putting it back into the case it was sold to you in, you can keep it protected from dust, dirt, and other debris while it rests in storage. Make sure you wrap up your boots as well and keep them together so you aren’t hunting for everything come fall.

Pick A Proper Place

Make sure that the place you choose to store your snowboard equipment is temperature controlled and protected from the elements. It won’t be good for your board to spend the summer in a sweltering shed with rodents and bugs. If at all possible, keep your board and boots stored inside your home, where they have the best shot at staying in pristine condition. If you opt for a storage unit, choose a climate controlled storage facility.

Your Trusted Snowboard Store

Whether you are looking for a new snowboard, snowboard bindings, or you are simply adding to your collection of gear, at Vertical Drop Ski & Board, we can help. Check out all we offer at our snowboard store and find everything you need for your next snowboarding adventure.