During the summer months, many people have no way of accessing the slopes and are left to eagerly await the first winter snowfall. However, while the summer stretches on lazily before you like a cat lounging in the sun, it can be easy to worry that you will lose the strength you built up over the winter months. Nothing is worse than fall arriving and realizing as you make your way down the hill for the first time, that you’re starting from ground zero in regards to fitness.

As a quality provider of snowboard equipment, we are passionate about ensuring you have the gear you need to hit the slopes with confidence. Not only do you need the right gear, you need the right muscles! Check out these tips for keeping fit over the summer for snowboarding.

Yoga For Balance

One key component to snowboarding is having outstanding balance. Without good balance, you will find yourself flat on your back staring at the side of the hill for most of the day. Practicing balance year round can help you maintain what you learned last snowboarding season.

An excellent workout for improving balance is yoga. By joining a yoga class, you can improve an array of factors that will all help you be a better snowboarder. Yoga will allow you to strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and increase your flexibility. All of these things will make hitting the slopes after the long summer easier.

Strength Training

Another great workout you should invest time in over the summer months is strength training. Whether you join a crossfit gym or you stick to a regular weight routine, strength training will be a key in preventing muscle fatigue on the slopes.

Make sure that if you choose to do your own weight routine you are certain you are doing everything properly. Weight lifting can be detrimental and actually cause more harm than good if not handled correctly. The best option is to join a class or work with a personal trainer who can help you target specific muscles you need for snowboarding.

High-Intensity Cardio

Snowboarding isn’t just about strength, it is also about endurance. Anyone who has spent the whole day on the slopes knows that it is a hardcore cardio workout. One of the best ways you can ensure you are ready to carve up the hill again next fall is by investing a large amount of time in cardio workouts over the summer.

Whether you opt for high-intensity cycling or high-mileage running, choose cardio workouts that will push your limits and require a large amount of endurance. This will go a long way in ensuring your time on the slopes is energy packed rather than draining.

Purchase High-Quality Snowboard Equipment

As you prepare for the next snowboarding season, keep yourself in shape and get together all the snowboarding apparel and gear you will need. Whether it is time to invest in a new snowboarding coat or you are looking for a few snowboard accessories, our shop has the snowboard equipment you need to get ready for the next big snowfall. Browse our store today and pick up everything you need for next season from Vertical Drop Ski & Board.