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Why Wearing a Helmet is Absolutely Necessary

Posted by Vertical Drop on

At some point or another, we all believed that wearing a helmet was something that only babies did, and that we would one day shed the training wheels and wind up skating, biking or snowboarding our way around without a helmet on. While this tough mentality is something that many young people have experienced, it isn’t the truth. While they aren’t the most stylish piece of snow gear that you’ll be packing in your bag, they are one that you absolutely must have ready to wear. At Vertical Drop, we have seen some pretty gnarly mountains, and we know just how frequent the opportunity of an accident arises. Here are a few of the reasons that we believe anyone on the mountain, on a skateboard or or in a kayak really needs to have a helmet.

These Sports Are Dangerous

Vertical Drop has a passion for all of the sports that we sell equipment for, but a part of that passion is realizing how dangerous they can be and staying prepared to for absolutely anything and everything. These thrilling activities call for a helmet, especially once you start to take it to challenging levels or even the slightest bit out of your comfort zone. Nature wasn’t made to keep us comfy during these sports, so wearing a helmet is something that you need to be wearing, regardless of your skill level.

Nature Isn’t Soft & Fluffy

Skating, snowboarding, kayaking, skiing and bike riding are all pretty rough sports. While they aren’t full on contact sports, they do offer up the opportunity of getting a little more rough and tough than you’d like to with nature. If you’re in the mountains, there are plenty of rocks, trees and other obstacles that you have the chance of hitting, while kayaking offers up plenty of the same obstacles, but in a rushing water that just so happens to also be carrying you. Accidents happen, and so do bad runs, but these incidents shouldn’t be to blame for a life changing injury. Keep your head protected from any branches, rocks and other obstacles you might come into contact with.

Head Injuries Are Life Threatening

Injuries of the head are the ones that are more likely to cause life threatening damages. From comas to memory loss, your head can experience some pretty serious damage when it’s hit. The worst part is that some of the injuries that happen to your head are the easiest to avoid. Rather than suffer the consequences, put a helmet on and keep your noggin safe.

If you’ve been trying to avoid wearing a helmet, give in and get one of the sick helmets that we have at Vertical Drop. You’ll find all sorts of sizes when you stop in to our store in Loveland, or when you browse the selection that we have online. You’ll be glad that you made this investment when you do wind up in an incident that could have been life threatening. Check out our selection of helmets and find one that you love!