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Ways to Keep Warm On the Mountain

Posted by Vertical Drop on

Mountain sports are something else. They’re challenging, fun, exhilarating and they require you to constantly push your body to new levels. Whether it’s learning a new trick or finding out what it takes to stay strong throughout the day, chances are that you’ll come across a new challenge every time that you head to the mountains. The team at Vertical Drop has experienced their fair share of challenges in the mountains, but that’s what makes us the perfect group of people to ask for help when you need it. For most of us, the biggest challenge we experienced as we started mountain sports was how to keep from freezing, but we’ve figured it out. Lucky for you, it wasn’t rocket science and we have compiled it into a few quick and easy things you can take advantage of.

Dress Appropriately

The first time you hit the mountain you are either going to be extremely over dressed, or entirely under dressed. Regardless of who is helping you pack or what you’ve heard, no one knows your body or the way it will react to these sports, the way that you do. After a few times of hitting the slopes, you’ll learn what the perfect equation of layers is. You’ll also find out that this continues to change and is subject to change as you get better and as the season evolves. One of the ways to reduce the chances of being under dressed is to always plan for worse and shed layers if needed. But there are a few other things that you can do.

Hand Warmers & Foot Warmers

These nifty contraptions were made not too long ago and have come in handy (literally) in quite a few situations. Whether you’re headed out for a camping trip, a late night out on the town or you’re looking to keep warm on the mountains, these 

little packages are made to keep your hands nice and toasty while you play in the snow. While these packets may look small, they definitely last the better part of your day, and can genuinely make your time on the mountain better. If it’s cold feet that you’re worried about, they also make these in the shape of soles so that they fit comfortably in your shoes.

Keep Active

This is easily one of the best ways to stay warm while in the mountains! Whether you’re going down more and more runs, upping the level of challenge that you’re used to or just enjoying the warm sun from the deck of the lodge, you can bet that the more that you let loose and really enjoy the day on the mountain. You will have an incredibly easy time if you’re spending all of your time skiing or snowboarding, or better yet, enjoying a beer on the deck of the mountain lodge. Trust us, this is the part of the sport that we’ve perfected.

When you’re in need of a few extra layers, you’ll find a huge selection of them here at Vertical Drop. Check out all of the different styles that we have to offer and pick one that suits your personality and look. As always, check back on our blog for more fun topics that we’ll be covering.

Ski ya later!