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Understanding the Purpose of Poles

Posted by Vertical Drop on

If you are new to the sport of skiing, then you’ve probably seen a few people making their way down the mountain with poles in each hand. This isn’t a standard practice or one that all skiers need to use when they make their way to the mountain, but it is something that could prove to be beneficial. At Vertical Drop, we have a pretty large selection of poles that you can choose from if you’re interested in using them, but first, here’s a few things you should consider before jumping the gun and making the investment.

Purpose of Poles

When skiers are using poles, they are hoping to gain balance and propulsion while on the mountain. Because of rough terrain and the range in density with the snow, poles can provide a ton of stability to skiers that have a difficult time finding on their own or are just looking for a more solidified form of balance.

Finding the Right Size of Poles

When you start to look into poles, you need to make sure that the ones you order are the right size so that they can provide you with better balance when you use them. Finding the right size with your ski boots on is a great way to make sure that they meet you at the right height. Start by putting the poles upside down, with the grips of the poles touching the floor. Grab the pole right under the basket. As you do this, your arms should naturally wind up at a 90 degree angle. If they aren’t at a 90 degree angle, work on finding poles that are either longer or shorter so that your arm can get to that 90 degree angle.

When to Consider Poles

If you have done a pretty great job at getting the hang of skiing and are looking for a new way to challenge yourself on the mountain, getting some poles and moving to the next level of skiing could be an option. These poles do add a lot to the overall look of a skier, but they are used just as much for their overall functionality. Poles are a great thing to have if you’re looking to get into tricks or start skiing terrain.

Check out the variety of poles that we have at Vertical Drop and see if there are any that will add the final flare to your ski gear. Our team can always help you with determining if a pair of poles is a good option for you.