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Getting Started Learning to Skateboard

Posted by Vertical Drop on

Learning how to skateboard isn’t as easy as learning to ride a bike. There’s no way to add training wheels or really avoid the inevitable wipe outs that you will experience. While there is no way to truly avoid this, the team at Vertical Drop has created a list of a few things that you can do that will help make learning how to skateboard just the slightest bit easier.

Get the Right Gear

One of the most important parts of skateboarding properly is having the right gear. If you're just getting started, it could be beneficial to start learning on a long board, because it provides you with more board and a little more stability. Aside from the right type of board, you are also going to want to have a helmet and maybe some additional padding just in case you fall. There are knee pads, elbow pads and gloves that you can wear that can keep you safe and reduce the chance of injury while learning.

Set it For a Beginner

Once you start to develop your skills as a skateboarder, you’ll notice that there are various things that go into the build of your skateboard. When you are just getting started, you’re going to want to make sure that the trucks of your skateboard are on tightly and that the board isn’t curved. While these are factors you will eventually get used to, you’re not going to want to learn with qualities like these affecting your skateboard.

Wear the Right Shoes

Being able to skate well can come down to the type of shoes that you’re wearing. There are specific types of shoes that are designed for skateboarding that will leave you with a much smoother ride. These shoes have soles that are going to make it easier to grip the board and have the thick sole that you need to break quicker. Check out some of the shoes that we have before just going out and trying it in your best pair of gym shoes.

Find a Starting Place

It’s unrealistic to expect yourself to be doing tricks or speeding down the road on a skateboard if you’re only just getting started. Rather than maximize the chances of falling or putting yourself around moving vehicles, plan to start off somewhere that is safe and intended for learning how to skateboard. Try a local skatepark where there will be other individuals learning to do the same thing and or practicing skills that will benefit their skateboarding overall.

These are all of the components that you need to get started learning how to skateboard. In the next couple of weeks we will break down a few tips that you can use once you actually get on the board, that will ultimately make your skateboarding learning experience, just a little bit better.

When you’re looking for gear to get started, you can find all of the equipment that you need and more at Vertical Drop Ski & Board shop. Find us in Loveland or place any of your orders online. We can always help you out too if you’re looking for more information on how to get started or what pieces of equipment you could use to get started.