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5 Exercises to Prepare You for the Slopes: Part 1

Fall begins in just a few days, and that means we are that much closer snowy days on our favorite ski slopes! Remember last year? You were excited to get back on the slopes and you had a great time ... and you were unbelievably sore afterwards.We at Vertical Ski and Board know the [...]

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How to Water Tube Safely: Part 2

School may have started, but that doesn’t mean the weekend can’t be spent on the lake! In our last blog, we discussed two important tips for water tubing safely in order to preserve the glory of your summer. In this blog, we finish our safety discussion with these last two tips: Steer properly If you’re the driver, [...]

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How to Water Tube Safely: Part 1

Summer isn’t over yet! In fact, we are just getting into the slow burn of late August and September. These are the best days for getting in a few more rides on your water tube before you have to put it away.In the name of keeping this summer the best in memory and not “that [...]

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Skater Helmets: Yes, You CAN Be Safe and Awesome at the Same Time

First off, this is not your mom. This is a fellow longboarder who struggles to shove a helmet on when it’s a beautiful summer evening and all I want is to feel the breeze in my hair. Helmets are sweat reservoirs - doesn’t matter how many holes they have. They push my brows down and make [...]

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Longboarding Makes Getting Fit Fun

Many people already know that longboarding is a great way to have fun and get around, but not many people realize that it can actually help you to get into shape! Longboarding comes with a plethora of health benefits, and our talented team at our longboard shop in Cincinnati have come up with the following [...]

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Kayaking Tips for Beginners

Once you've found the perfect kayak for sale in Cincinnati, you may think that you are ready to hit the water, but the fact of the matter is, kayaking takes a bit of skill and practice. At Vertical Drop, we are not only dedicated to helping you to find great deals on all of your [...]

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Your Longboard Buying Guide Part 2

Have you had a chance to read our latest blog yet? If you have then you already know a bit more about longboards than your average joe. In part one of our longboard buying guide, we went over the three main types of longboards, cruisers, downhill boards and freeride boards. We also talked about why cruisers [...]

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Your Longboard Buying Guide

Why do you need a longboard buying guide?  Most people think that buying a longboard is as simple as picking any longboard for sale in Cincinnati and enjoying yourself. However, before you buy, you should know that it is a bit more involved than that. There are many different kinds of longboards, and to find the [...]

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Our Favorite Kayaking Destinations in Ohio

Spring is finally here and summer is well on its way! In addition to the beautiful weather and sunshine we will be enjoying in a few short weeks, it is also time to head out on the water and enjoy your kayak after the long winter. Ohio is full of creeks, rivers and lakes that [...]

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A Smarter Way to Do Black Friday

Thanksgiving day is often ruined by Black Friday. Sure, everyone loves a good bargain, but who wants to stand in a line freezing to death in the middle of the night, when you could be sleeping off all of that turkey in your warm bed? If you are looking for a smarter way to do [...]

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