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3 Must Have Items for Every Snowboard Trip

Posted by Vertical Drop on

If you are just making your way out to the mountains for the first time this year, or the first time in your life, there are a few items that you should make sure to check, and double check, for before you head out. At Vertical Drop Ski & Board, we are just as passionate and eager to get out on that fresh, crisp snow. While it’s inevitable to deny the level of excitement that we have, we all need to take a minute to properly pack so that we can enjoy this trip to the mountains to the fullest. Here are some of the items that often get left behind that can truly change the quality of a mountain trip.


In a sport that is entirely comprised of snow, it is insane how much sun you get. With the way that the sun reflects off of the snow, people wind up with some of the worst sunburns they’ve ever had. While the chances may seem slim, or you may simply be feeling daring, this is an item that you will regret having left on your kitchen table. Make sure to throw a higher SPF sunscreen into your bag before you leave and to apply a few times throughout your day to ensure that you don’t wind up with a brutal burn.


As we mentioned before, the sunburns from a sport that is entirely made up of snow are surprisingly brutal, but one of the most surprising sunburns that people get while on the mountain are their eyes. In order to not only reduce the chances of a painful sunburn on the whites of your eyes, but to also make it easier to navigate and see where you’re going, make sure you’ve got a pair of goggles. There are so many pieces of equipment that you can use accordingly based on the temperature and the time of the season, but goggles are not one that you should ever leave behind!


Snow sports are some of the most intense on our bodies, which means that they need all of the right tools to replenish them throughout the day. While a hearty meal and snacks throughout the day are a must, we are definitely talking about water! If you’re making a trek to the mountains, chances are that you’re going to be downing some coffee or an energy drink or two before you hit the slopes, both of these drinks dehydrate your body, making the chances of dehydration throughout the day even more likely. Make sure to stop every hour and take a few drinks of water to ensure you can continue to enjoy the day and take care of your body in the process.

Regardless of which mountain you’re headed to or how many times you’ve been skiing or snowboarding, Vertical Drop Ski & Board has all of the equipment that you need to enjoy your trip. Browse the large selection of snowboard equipment that we have and order all of the pieces that you need online!