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Mitchell Morgan


Mitchell Morgan


17 Years Young, 2/18/2000.


Loveland, Ohio.




1) Valhalla Master Blaster, Bear Kodiaks, Arbor Vice Grillz, Zealous.
2) Rayne Bromance, Rogue Ultralight Precisions, Sugar Cubes, Zealous.

Why do you skate?

I skate because I am a very independent person and I love to learn on my own. Skating is about friends and having a good time, and through skating I have met my best friends. I skate to spend time with them and progress together while pushing one another. It's really an independent activity while having such a strong community. It's like nothing else and I love it. 

Favorite Place to Skate?

Cole Road, because It has my favorite heelside corner and it's a great rip.

Fun Fact?

I learned to slide on a 46 inch cruiser board from Original Skateboards

What do you do when you're not skating?

Hanging out with the boys and working at The Vertical Drop.